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Wrestling is the hand-to-hand struggle between two unarmed combatants, in which each wrestler strives to get an advantage over or control of their opponent. Many styles of wrestling are known all over the world and have long histories, and sport wrestling (particularly amateur wrestling) has been an Olympic sport for over one hundred years.

Wrestling disciplines are broken down into two primary categories: (1) International style wrestling; and, (2) folk style wrestling.

International wrestling disciplines include Greco-Roman and Freestyle.

Folk style wrestling disciplines include folk and collegiate.

Wrestling in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Wrestling has gained respect among martial arts practitioners, especially with the advent of mixed martial arts (MMA) competitions. In the early years of MMA competitions, more wrestlers defeated stylists from traditional striking and submission grappling oriented styles such as boxing, judo, tae kwon do, karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing. Currently, many of the top ranked MMA fighters competed extensively in collegiate and Greco-Roman wrestling before beginning their careers in mixed martial arts. Many other prominent and successful fighters from non-wrestling backgrounds often pursue wrestling training to complement their other skills. Today, wrestling is one of the most dominant fighting styles in MMA.

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